Marion's Central ParkMarion City Library at Historic Santa Fe Depot

Below is listed the emergency warning signals for the City of Marion.  Please seek immediate cover when you hear the sirens sound and stay there until the all-clear signal is given.


TORNADO or other disaster:  One continuous five minute siren blast

ALL-CLEAR: One minute siren blast

FLOOD EVACUATION:  No Siren will be sounded.  Police cars will be dispatched to warn citizens over their car PA systems to proceed to a flood evacuation area.

The emergency sirens are tested every Monday at noon to make sure they are in working order.  If the weather looks bad the city will not sound the sirens as to not cause a panic.

For more information on tornado safety or up to the minute radar imagery, please visit the following links:

National Weather Service

Channel 3 KSN

Channel 10 KAKE

Channel 12 KWCH